Obadiah and Micah

The study on Obadiah and Micah, two relatively unknown Bible books, is Westerink’s first study available in Hebrew. Rev. Jacob Westerink is pastor of the Christelijke Gereformeerde Kerken in the Netherlands and author of a complete set of expository studies on the Minor Prophets and Daniel, which have been very popular in the Netherlands.

He brings to this exposition spiritual sensitivity, practical bent and experiential warmth. The book is conveniently organized to facilitate personal or group study. The exegesis is honest with helpful historical insights and personal application.

HaGefen has chosen to publish this book as part of our goal of producing a commentary in Hebrew on each book of the Bible by the year 2018.  There is no better way to strengthen and edify the young church in Israel than by encouraging the believers to study the Word of God in depth and apply it to their daily lives and their walk with God. The book is to printed in June 2011.