Matthew Henry – commentary on the Gospel of John

English speakers are familiar with the in-depth commentaries of Matthew Henry, which have long been celebrated as the best English commentary for devotional purposes. Instead of critical exposition, Henry focuses on practical suggestion and his commentaries contain rich stores of truths. Charles Spurgeon himself heartily recommended the commentary to every minister.  Thanks to the generosity of the Deputatschaap voor Israel of the Netherlands Reformed congregations in the Netherlands and in Canada through CMI, the Gospel of John is been translated into Hebrew (the full, non-abridged version) and will be published towards the end of 2011. We trust this is just the beginning, and that in future these wonderful commentaries will be available to Israeli believers.

HaGefen’s goal and purpose is to support and edify the Hebrew-speaking church in Israel, providing good quality Christian literature for personal edification and for all who minister in the preaching and teaching of the Word of God.