“Have you any love to or concern for the church? For the reformation of our country? Our world? Any longing for a flourishing of the church that is now under decay? Then pray for the salvation of the Jews and saved Israel will give life to the dead world.”
-Robert Murray M’cheyne.

CMI desires to promote and publish materials to this end.Please see our list of books and other products, as well as upcoming speaking engagements from CMI supporters.

Obadiah and Micah

The study on Obadiah and Micah, two relatively unknown Bible books, is Westerink’s first study available in Hebrew. Rev. Jacob Westerink is pastor of the Christelijke Gereformeerde Kerken in the Netherlands and author of a complete set of expository studies on the Minor Prophets and Daniel, which have been very popular in the Netherlands. He brings to this exposition spiritual sensitivity, practical bent and experiential warmth. The book is conveniently organized to facilitate personal or group study. The exegesis is honest with helpful historical insights and personal application. HaGefen has chosen to publish this book as part of our goal …

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Matthew Henry – commentary on the Gospel of John

English speakers are familiar with the in-depth commentaries of Matthew Henry, which have long been celebrated as the best English commentary for devotional purposes. Instead of critical exposition, Henry focuses on practical suggestion and his commentaries contain rich stores of truths. Charles Spurgeon himself heartily recommended the commentary to every minister.  Thanks to the generosity of the Deputatschaap voor Israel of the Netherlands Reformed congregations in the Netherlands and in Canada through CMI, the Gospel of John is been translated into Hebrew (the full, non-abridged version) and will be published towards the end of 2011. We trust this is just …

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Stepping Heavenward by Elizabeth Prentiss

One of the objectives of HaGefen in choosing various publishing projects is to help the young church in Israel to grow. In fact, our goal has always been to support the local churches in their God-given task of Evangelism and Discipleship. For this reason we publish not only evangelistic literature but also various books that will help the Jewish Christians in their understanding of God’s Word. We also try to reach out to the different age groups, each of which has its own special needs. Stepping Heavenward was written in 1869. In her book, Elizabeth Prentiss shares with us the …

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Psalms, Proverbs and Job in Modern Hebrew

Volume 4 of the Testimony Project has been published! In October 2010 HaGefen Publishing published the fourth volume of the Children’s Bible – the Old Testament in modern Hebrew. This volume consists of  Psalms, Proverbs and Job. According to the Hebrew order of the Scriptures, these three books constitute the first part of the Writings. HaGefen plans to complete the translation of the Old Testament by 2012 with the remaining books of the Writings. This will be the first time ever that the entire Hebrew Bible has been translated from the original Masoretic text into Modern Hebrew. In recent months …

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